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Tiny Talks: Communicating BIG with LOVE & LAUGHTER 

The LOVE ❤️, humor, unique wit, and laughter🤣 #johnandfin are known for is now in book form📚 for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good laugh or will appreciate the unique (often hysterical) dynamic of their female lead relationship.

John and Fin Moments

Laying together in bed, and Fin makes a random “WTF?!” comment…

Fin: You know what I love about you Baby? 🥰

John: What’s that Hon? ❤️

Fin: I love that you’re neutered. 😈

John: WTF?! 😳

Fin: 😂😂😂😂

#johnandfin #tinytalks #wtf #finwearsthepants #finspeakshermind

Cleaning the big house here on the homestead for the arrival of a skoolie today… and we lift up the cushions of the sofa in the main community house…

John: Oh gross! Look at all the trash and cigarette butts! 🤮

Fin: oh cool! Look at all the loose change and free money! 💰

Lesson: It’s all a matter of perspective… how do you look at the current situations presenting themselves to you?

#johnandfin #tinytalk #lemonsintolemonade #isyourglasshalfemptyorhalffull #itsallamatterofperspective

Fin has a way of getting her message across…

Fin: Remeber when you took that big swallow of apple cider vinegar?

John: When I pick up the wrong bottle instead of my beer?

Fin: Yep!

John: I burned my throat so bad I couldn’t talk for days. Why?

Fin: You should do that again. 😏

John: 😳
#johnandfin #tinytalks #johnproteststoomuch #johnhetalkstoomuch #bequietjohn