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Getting to Know John & Fin


“We are proof opposites do attract… and in our case, stick together!  John is a hunter, Fin is a vegetarian. 🌱 John loves dogs, Fin loves cats. 🐱 John was raised in the US and his family is Amish, Fin was raised in Thailand and her family is Buddhist.  Together we LOVE each other, we complete each other, we support each other, we encourage each other, we expect a lot out of each other, and for over a decade we’ve been enjoying our wonderful Tiny House Love Affair!” – John & Fin



John and Fin began their tiny house love affair living on board a narrow boat traversing the canals and locks of the English countryside in the UK after meeting each other when Fin was living in London and John was living in South Florida.  After Fin proposed to John and asked for his hand in marriage, they settled in the United States where they have been living in their self-built 304sqft tiny house, known as “Beloved Cabin”, since December 2011.


They currently reside in their DIY off-grid 304sqft tiny cabin on their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay in the woods of Georgia, where they have embraced solar energy, rain water collection, raising chickens, and growing their own fruits and vegetables.  They have also created a tiny house community for others to have a place to bring their own tiny homes or to rent a tiny house from John’s and Fin’s own personal collection of the tiny homes they have built over the years.  They also have their towable 148sqft tiny house, the World-known Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9, which is both their travel home and, also, their tribute tiny house honoring firefighters and on-scene emergency responders.



Fin was raised in Thailand as a Buddhist, is a vegetarian, yoga instructor, massage therapist, and fitness expert.  John is the handyman of the property, a skilled craftsman (his family is Amish), DIY fanatic, re-purposing expert, and an avid outdoorsman who fills the freezer throughout the year with fresh game and fish.  Together, John and Fin strongly believe it is their diversity and being so different in many aspects, as well as having so much common ground, that has created and solidified their “tiny house love affair”.


After years of organizing not-for-profit outdoor concerts and festivals as fundraisers for students and college-bound homeschool students, as well as being on Florida’s state board for home education, John, along with Fin, created the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals; including the now famous Georgia Tiny House Festivals (2016 – 2020) and the 60K+ attendee & 116 tiny structure Florida Tiny House Festivals (2016 – 2020); as well as 8 other record-breaking for-charity tiny house festivals in California, DC/Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Tennessee (2x’s)… as well as the Nation-Wide & Historic TINY HOUSES across AMERICA!


On May 23-24, 2020, John and Fin organized and hosted the first ever FREE International Online Tiny House Festival, which spanned two days and involved 5 countries, over 30+ tiny home tours, more than 2 dozen speakers, and live entertainment.



The For-Charity Tiny House Events from the United Tiny House Association embrace all modalities of tiny living, whether they are professional-built tiny homes, private-owned tiny houses, DIY structures, ADUs, tree houses, skoolies (converted school buses), yurts, campers, gypsy wagons, or any other tiny residences anyone calls home.


Also, all tiny house lifestyles are encouraged and supported.  These include, but are not limited to, off-grid living, on-grid living, wilderness living, ADUs, and both suburban & urban living.


Most importantly, United Tiny House Association’s For-Charity Tiny House Events are designed to support local communities and charities, through the fundraising activities at its Tiny House Events and as a means of giving charities and non-profit organizations a platform to share with others.  To date, the United Tiny House Association has given away and donated over $675K from the proceeds of their 17 For-Charity Tiny House Festivals to over 90+ charities, non-profits, and great causes.


John and Fin have been featured on HGTV, the DIY Network, TODAY.COM, The Rachel Ray Show, AOL, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and countless newspapers, newscasts, magazines, Vlogs, Blogs, and Podcasts around the World.  They are regularly invited to speak at public colleges and events, meet with Local/National/Federal government officials, work with individuals one-on-one, and partner with other organizations in their efforts to bring both the tiny house community and those outside the tiny house community together in a common understanding of what living tiny is all about.



Excerpts from John’s and Fin’s book, “Tiny Talks: Communicating BIG with Love & Laughter”.


Fin: I thought you were going to use the bathroom. 🤔

John: I did. Why? Are you now monitoring my bathroom breaks? 🙄

Fin: No… it’s just that you were in and out of there really fast.

John: Ermmmm… so you are monitoring my bathroom breaks… or at least timing them? 🤔

Fin: You were just in there for a short time compared to your usual time.

John: OMG! If you must know, I had gas and didn’t poo! 🙄

Fin: So why not fart out here? It’s not like I care.

John: Babe… at my age I’m not taking any risks that what’s coming out is either a gas or solid. ⛽️ 💩

Fin: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

#johnandfin #tinytalks #donotlightamatch #donotgointhere #finisnowabathroommonitor


Fin: I’ll drive.

John: You want to put your shoes on?

Fin: No… my feet are sticky. It will help with the peddle.

John: 😂

Fin: Which one is the brake?

John: 😳

#johnandfin #finrecentlygotherlearnerspermit #beafraidbeveryafraid #tinytalk


Are you interested in collaborating with John & Fin, being a sponsor with any of United Tiny House’s World-renowned For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, or advertising on either this web site or on any of our social media pages?  If so, CLICK HERE for our Collaboration Opportunities Package.