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Getting to know John & Fin


We’re what they called “an opposite attracted” John is a hunter, Fin is a vegetarian 🌱 John loves dogs, Fin loves cat 🐱 But we LOVE each other and we LOVE living tiny!




Fin: I thought you were going to use the bathroom. 🤔

John: I did. Why? Are you now monitoring my bathroom breaks? 🙄

Fin: No… it’s just that you were in and out of there really fast.

John: Ermmmm… so you are monitoring my bathroom breaks… or at least timing them? 🤔

Fin: You were just in there for a short time compared to your usual time.

John: OMG! If you must know, I had gas and didn’t poo! 🙄

Fin: So why not fart out here? It’s not like I care.

John: Babe… at my age I’m not taking any risks that what’s coming out is either a gas or solid. ⛽️ 💩

Fin: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Fin: I’ll drive.

John: You want to put your shoes on?

Fin: No… my feet are sticky. It will help with the peddle.

John: 😂

Fin: Which one is the brake?

John: 😳

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