Events - United Tiny House Rentals and Vacations
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Upcoming Events

We have events throughout the year from workshops, open house to festivals. Come join us! 🙌🏽

What : Georgia Tiny House Festival

When : July 11-12, 2020

Where : Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA


Come see the Tiny Firehouse at Georgia Tiny House Festival next month. Our first festival of the 2020!

What : Come Swing With Us, Off-Grid Workshops

When : September 19-20, 2020

Where : Beloved Cabin Homestead, Lake Oconee, GA


Come hangout with us and join the Off-grid workshop, learn how to start living sustainable lifestyle. The workshop includes: rainwater collection, solar energy & composting.

What : Florida Tiny House Festival

When : November 20-22, 2020

Where : Orlando, FL


We and the Tiny Firehouse 🔥 will be at Florida Tiny House Festival this year! Stay tuned for updates!