Beloved Cabin - United Tiny House Rentals and Vacations
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Beloved Cabin



Located in the heart of Georgia’s woods 🌲🌲🏡🌲🌲and only a few minutes drive from the beautiful Lake Oconee, Beloved Cabin 12’ x 30’ shed conversion stands peacefully on the 16 acres of land.

This DIY tiny house has been a long project of love, creation and inspiration. 8 plus years ago we bought a shed shell (yes, one of those shed  you see on the side of the highways). The house has gone through so many improvements over the years… We built a greenhouse bathroom, catio (to accommodate 9 cats!), outdoor dog kennel with a greenhouse doghouse (yes! We did.😬), deck pond and all the sustainable gears to help us moving toward sustainable lifestyle.

We’re super excited to open our land and create a unique getaway for people who likes to experience alternative living. Can’t wait to see everyone! ❤️